New Technologies

Your Cheat Sheet to your Consumer's Heart & Wallet

You can now know the inner desires of your target consumer 

at the touch of a button, and save on time and money, thanks to Consumer Insight’s ingenuity! And here’s how!

Be Your Consumer's Groupie

Yes! Groupies can be pretty constructive! Consumer Insight has developed a fun and cost effective way to run focus group discussions via WhatsApp. We have a group moderator who directs the conversation: shares discussion questions, visual and still images with participants to elicit responses and encourages debate among the participants, where necessary. And because there tends to be a sense of anonymity you get candid feedback from participants, even on sensitive topics.

Why Ask When You Can Read Your Consumers' Mind?

Consumer Insight can now make those frowns, smiles and sneers from your consumers count. We can now read those emotions to gauge how they really feel. We have new face and eye recognition software that allows you to gauge how consumers really feel. The software is able to detect six key emotions based on your consumers’ responses to video or images. With this you can tell what appeals to your consumer, and predict how they may respond to your brand and its communication.

Reality TV Meets Research

We had to save the best for last! We found the most ingenious way to track the lifestyle habits of your target consumer! You can live a day or even week of their life with them. You can know their breakfast all the way to their favourite song on the dance floor on a Saturday night at their favourite club. How? Through mobile ethnography, that allows research participants to remotely log in their regular activities via a mobile phone app. This is consumer insights made easy.

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